Lux Hair Center & Salon

• Premium Quality Virgin Hair Extensions directly from Brazil, India, Malaysia and Peruvian Remy hair extensions

• Virgin hair extensions are unique because the virgin hair used only has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end facing the same direction

• Guarantees natural flow, abundance, radiant and exceptional usability. Our hair is lightweight and flexible which gives it natural flow for movement

• Chemically free, easy enhancement in color and texture

• Blends well with your natural hair leaving you with a flawless and refined hairstyle

• Quality assurance is done to ensure all measures we do make our hair durable, shiny, and hair that will last!

•  Top-of-the-Line Quality Remy hair extensions exclusively sold at Lux Hair Center & Salon

 • Our exclusive brands Brae~Leigh & Luna J. Virgin Hair Extensions collections cater to people of all ages, ethnicities and hair types giving a remarkable durability